Monday, 2 March 2009

Deviant art

Hey guys, just posting to say I have got an account on deviant art to put all my best rescent paintings, drawings, so on...

Check it out!

Oh and for Munchhausen I've decided to go with a completely different style to my origanal idea - it's going to be claymation sort of like Mark Twain, so I'll have to stock up on plasticine soon! I will still definately use the church...and probably the horse as I won't have any other use for him, and he's pretty cool :D



starscream said...

deviant art is the myspace of photography/drawings :D

go on with the animations :D

Fish said...

Yes! Thankyou! Check out my account and paintings!


starscream said...

seen them, go on with your work.
If you're happy with something then you have stopped beeing good :D

btW.a customer had finally uploaded the clips i made for them. A series of 8 stop-motion 2D animations.

check my blog.


Fish said...

Wow - really nice work man! Well done!


jriggity said...

cool beans dood!

keep at it.