Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Thief and the Cobbler documentary.

I know I've posted about The Thief and the Cobbler before (look in previous posts if you havn't seen already), but I just got emailed by Kevin Schreck telling me about a documentary he is making about the lost masterpiece.

He plans to interview various artists who worked on the film in the Summer, but needs donations to help with the funding.

This link takes you to a trailer and donations.

Please, please help by giving donations, and if not, alerting others about this. I'm really excited to see it, any other animators/filmmakers should be too!


Saturday, 5 June 2010

New pencil test

This one worked alot better then the last. There is very little movement but it seems to work in a styalized cartoony way. I started this as soon as i finished the light box (you can see I've drawn the first frame in the last picture of the light box post). The audio is from the intro to a hilarious song by the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band called "Big Shot".
The body was drawn using the col-erase I was talking about. Near the end it dissapears because it wasn't moving and I thought I'd save the pencil for something more useful!

(let it buffer, blogger video is sloooooow)

(edit) Just watched it back on here and it's really bad quality all of a sudden! Oh well, you get the idea of it anyway.

I was gunna add smoke from the pipe but I decided it wasn't worth it...my knowledge of special effects animation (water/smoke/fire) is very small, but growing! I really like the character and think I might do more animation with him.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


It seems to break really easily...in one day it's gone from new to less then half size. ARGH what do I do? They're so great, I want to use them forever, but not at this rate I won't...


Finished the light box. AWESOME. I doubt I'll do anything but animate for the next few weeks! The disc spins 360 degrees. The only thing that i bought for this were the two rulers and the light switch - all really cheap. For roughly £5, really not very different from the proffesional £500 ones! The little pencil holders in the top right corner are just little clips meant for holding electrical wire in place - I found they work perfectly as pencil holders.

I might take some better pictures at a later date..

ALSO, I got some col-erase pencils off ebay and they arrived today (just in time for the party!). Col-erase are used extensively by animators, because they are very waxy, so do not smudge, and are very easy to erase.


PS, I have 18 followers but hardly ever get comments..what's that about!?