Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry christmas!

Hey guys,

I know I havn't posted in months, and I havn't got anything stop motion related to say even now, but I thought as it's christmas, I might as well post something special for you lot. Well I know a few people that visit my blog are very interested in all sorts of beatiful artwork, and music, and I have played guitar for years, and discovered a love for the look and sound of the rare Indian stringed instrument the Sitar. Rescently, we got new neighbours, who I told of my love to sitars, and got the VERY unusual answer of 'Oh really? I've got one!' Of course this made me very excited, and we arranged for him to come round some time with his Sitar, and show me what he knows. He is not Indian, but like me, very interested in the sound and lifestyle. So anyway, long story short, he gave me a lesson and left it round my house a week ago, and it's still here now, because he reckons you don't bond with an instrument unless your left alone with it. Here is a picture of me playing:

This is probably compeletely uninteresting to most of you guys, but I thought it's allways about my animation here, never about my usual life, and this was a pretty dang interesting story!

Please comment with anything to say and if you want I will follow up the story when I'm a lot better, to see if I actually start learning the Sitar.

Merry Christmas,