Friday, 28 September 2007

It's my b-day!!

Hi everyone. I know I havn't posted for like centuries... but I hope you can understand, new school year, new school, and today, it's my Birthday!! I got a propper camcorder and tripod, so my animations can be a lot more detailed. Along with a few other things, I got one of those things that heats up a piece of wire, and can make really good models out of pollistyrene (I have no idea how to spell that!!) Which is really good for making sets. I also got a DVD of the animated version of Peter and the Wolf and the Shaun the Sheep DVD.
More coming soon


Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Sorry it's taking so long!

Hi everybody, I now have made my brass and aliminum armature, but one or two bits need re-gluing and I ran out of glue-gun glue sticks. I bought some new ones off the internet on Sunday, so hopefully they will come tomorrow. While I'm on the subject, I would just like to point out how much I love the glue-gun. Loads of animators like Marc Spess, you will notice, use Epoxy as the glue they use, to be honest, I tried it out the other day and I HATED the stuff!! All you have to do with the glue gun, is plug it in, wait for it to heat up for a few minuets, press the trigger when the nozzle is in the right place, trying to make sure your hands aren't too close (I've burnt myself on it soooooo many times!!), wait three or so seconds, and wallah, fini!!

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Thursday, 13 September 2007

New blog and name

Hi friends of me and friends of my friends and friends of my friends of my friends!! As you will obviously know, this is a NEW blog. As you can see by the name, our company (kind of thing) name has changed. MORILYON ANIMATIONS!!! I hadn't posted for ages on my old blog, but here is some new stuff:

By next week I should have made a few brass tube and alluminum armatures, I was meant to get the brass last week but we never went into town, but on Saturday, HOPEFULLY we will go in to town and get some, as we should be going there to get some more Plasticine. Also, I will try and start using the shrink tubing techniqe to give me a change from plasticine for the whole character.
Also, I was thinking about writing a short book about proffesional animation techneques for not so proffesional animators, but only if I know people are interested, so please, comment on this post or email me ( if you would be interested. I would try and cover armatures, faces, plasticine and modelling, replacements and loads others! Or I could just do a short book about how to make three different types of armatures! Watever you want, just tell me! (By the way don't worry about prices, I would proberly charge like a pound or less on a book, or I might just send you them for free (because I'm very nice!))

Thanks for reading