Thursday, 21 February 2008

New e-mailing systen

Hi everyone, just a quick post to tell you about my new e-mail, set up just for Morilyon Productions. I will send out a (probably) monthly newsletter to people I know who will be interested, so if I know you, check your inbox now because the first newsletter is going out today. If you want to ask or tell me something privatly, or you would be interested in the newsletter, but you havn't got it yet, email me at my new adress:


Sunday, 17 February 2008

I have just finished painting the spaceship, working out what I'm gunna use as the glass dome and I've done 55 seconds of a story board for a new film. All the pictures are simple and very quickly drawn, on paint with my mouse-pen thing:
Each picture is one second of film.

Film blogs coming soon!!!


Saturday, 16 February 2008

New stuff.

Hi everyone! I have lots of new stuff I wanted to show you, so here we go!
I'll start off with my new alien spaceship.

Here you can see what I used. I found that rubber ring thing in a set of building things, and it was a tyre! The red dome thing I have NO idea where that came from!! I just found it, lying around, and it was the perfect choice! Also some mini bolt things I got from a mechano set years ago!I glued the dome into the rubber ring, and with a hot glue gun I glued the mini bolts into place.

Now it looked like this.

I put the alien in it, and took this test photo, just to see what the digital editing would look like.

So then I digitally edited it, so there is a glass dome on top. I will soon find some sort of plastic see-through dome that I could use instead, and I will also paint it soon, so it's not nearly finished yet! This is just the beginning mwahahaha (evil laugh)!!!!

These are two of the new style armatures I will be making, using 2mm aluminium wire and epoxy putty.
And here are some pictures of my first silicone mold.
See you later and thanks for popping by!!