Saturday, 16 February 2008

New stuff.

Hi everyone! I have lots of new stuff I wanted to show you, so here we go!
I'll start off with my new alien spaceship.

Here you can see what I used. I found that rubber ring thing in a set of building things, and it was a tyre! The red dome thing I have NO idea where that came from!! I just found it, lying around, and it was the perfect choice! Also some mini bolt things I got from a mechano set years ago!I glued the dome into the rubber ring, and with a hot glue gun I glued the mini bolts into place.

Now it looked like this.

I put the alien in it, and took this test photo, just to see what the digital editing would look like.

So then I digitally edited it, so there is a glass dome on top. I will soon find some sort of plastic see-through dome that I could use instead, and I will also paint it soon, so it's not nearly finished yet! This is just the beginning mwahahaha (evil laugh)!!!!

These are two of the new style armatures I will be making, using 2mm aluminium wire and epoxy putty.
And here are some pictures of my first silicone mold.
See you later and thanks for popping by!!

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