Monday, 23 February 2009

Latex head!

I'm soooo pleased - I wasn't expecting it to come out near perfect, but it did! There are a couple of air bubbles, the most noticable one on the eye, but other then that - just how I wanted it!


What I did while the mask was still in the mold, and I'd only put on a couple of layers was line it with thin alluminium wire, in different angles so it would keep it's shape. This was really good 'cause now I can change the shape of his head, for looks and animation!

More to come!



starscream said...

hey dude, nice to see you're back in action.
i already wondered if you stopped doing the whole thing.

keep on animation.


Fish said...

I don't understand? I've been blogging all my stuff non-stop scince january, and also before xmas!!!

Oh well, thanks anyways!


starscream said...

meh, twas my bad, i lost track on your blog after the 14th october and just found it again some days before. :D
sometimes there is too much work to browse the interweb.

greetings and keep it rolling..

any fleatles clips online?

Fish said..., fleatles was merely an idea, I made a couple of drawings, props, storyboards and gave up. The whole idea was just too close to 'meet the raisins' which may I add, I LOVE!!!!!!!


starscream said...

crazy stuff :D

and now for something complete different

inspiration for you (3d, but who knows :D )

Fish said...

Wow, I loved that! Thanks for the link!

Just to ask, when I click on your name it tells me your profile is not available...Do you have any blogs?

starscream said...

i have a general one on wordpress...
(i was not even on that google thing before i had to make an account to order lens additionals online)


and choose 3D, Art, Animation or Film

i'm more into Photo- and Filmography and Visual effects, but i also do 2D Stop Motion at work.

have fun

jriggity said...

well done man!