Tuesday, 15 April 2008

News reader and Explorer

Hi everyone! Sorry I havn't posted in ages, I've been very busy!
Firstly, I built a newsreader puppet, just for fun.
Here is me putting Epoxy onto the armature to strengthen it:
Finished armature, as you can see, the head is removeable:Here is the nearly finished puppet:
The removeable head:
Replacement mouth (incase I ever wanted to animate him):
The finished puppet:

Now, remember this guy? I'm not sure if I ever showed him to you, but I made him about a year ago.
On giving it some thought, I decided I should do a remake of him, as I like how he looks, but he is too small to animate and has a rubbish armature. So, remember that armature I showed you in the last post? Well, I used that as his armature. Here are some pics of constructing him - enjoy!:

So far we can only call him 'The explorer' as his name cannot be revealed untill I am sure I am happy with it. I have a timelapse of me making him, and will put it on youtube sometime soon.


Off the Shelf Productions said...

Your new puppets are very well Sculpted, You have moved a long way since your first Models!

Fish said...

Yes, that's true - I have come a long way! Thanks Ben!

Kramer Klaymation said...

Nice reporter puppet. I can see improvement too.

check out my blog at kramerklaymation.blogspot.com