Sunday, 30 March 2008

Hi everyone! Firstly, last weekend I made a tie-down board. Many of you probably won't know what that is, so it's basicly a big piece of wood with lots of little holes in it. Then, you make the puppet with nuts (tie downs) in the feet (not showing of coarse). When you are animating a puppet walking or on one leg or falling over, you put a screw through one of the holes, then screw it into the puppet's foot, and use a wing nut under the wood to tighten it, then your puppet's foot will be held right down to the ground. Of coarse, I am stupid enough to make one for myself, hours and hours of holes, holes, more holes, holes, more holes, and finaly, it was done. Also, while I'm on the subject, look at those

Next is the coolest news ever!! I am now more into making brass tube armatures, and will (hopefully) soon be selling them in my shop. Here's one I made in the last couple of days. The head can be taken out, and I have armatured the hands as it will be a foam latex puppet. Also, the wooden feet I created from my head, and they sort of work like a ball and socket armature's feet do. Like I said, I created them from my head, and they took a day to make, but I have now thought up a much more clever way of doing it, using more brass. Last but not least, here is a picture of the full armature next to the origanal design I drew a few days ago. Also, you will have noticed rescently up 'till now I have been using black alluminium wire. That's because it was 2mm, and now I'm back on the much more animator prefered 1.5mm.

P.S. I will try and open a shop on the net soon, where you send me your design for an armature, and I will make it. The price will depend on how complicated the design is.



Off the Shelf Productions said...

Oh dear Me, I once tried to do the exact same thing with Holes and Everything, And it went not very well and I just Gave up!

Yes I am still working on my Film, No really I am!, mI've done a fairly big set and just finishing it, but sometimes, I just need a break you know?

Fish said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean there! Is there any chance I could see the set?


Mad Max Winston said...

Dude you can buy Wood that already has many holes in it almost exactly like that! Next time, I guess...