Thursday, 17 April 2008

How to make brass tube armatures DVD is ready to be released!!

WOOOO! Finaly, after all out hard work, the DVD on how to create brass tube armatures is finished. Well, the actual film is anyway, but I still need to put it on to disk and make a cover for it, then I am ready. It is only short, aprox. 24 minutes, but covers all you need to know about creating them. Do you remember the armature I showed you a couple of posts ago? Well I teach you how to make that. Thankyou very much Joe for providing the camera, and filming! Here is a preview of what you will see:

With the boxed DVD you will also recieve a diagram of the armature to work along, and a diagram of how to make the wooden feet that work so well! For all that, I am charging just £6.50, which is roughly $12.89, that price is not certain yet, but I will carry on thinking about it.
You do not get to see my face in the whole DVD, so don't worry, Fish's identity won't get shown! By the way, don't be cheaky and say that it says you can get the whole DVD here, like I said, it's not finished yet!


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