Sunday, 14 March 2010

Began build up on Dr Dino


Ben Stables said...

What have you used on the body? Is it foam or something?

Fish said...

It's all foam, like the stuff you use to clean the kitchen table with? Just it came in different coloured sheets, thats why some is yellow and some is blue.

Ben Stables said...

Hmm...What did you use to stick it down with. It must have been fairly strong otherwise it would have fallen apart...wouldnt it!

Fish said...

Liquid latex. The answer to everything! Works like a glue, dries almost instantly when pressed together, also textures - and does all this while remaining stretchable.
Perfect for this sort of thing!

jriggity said...

looking great man!


MaruRosich said...

it looks very good!! :)
a great tribute to Ray Harryhausen's work ;D