Saturday, 27 March 2010

More on dinosaur.

He is fully muscle'd now. Just have to apply latex skin and paint. I'm pretty happy with it so far.

Here is the first batch of skin. I made this by crumpling up a load of tin foil, straightening it out again, and pouring out a thin layer of latex onto it. Once this was dry, I added another layer, and so on until it was thick enough. The tin foil gave it a textured reptilian look, that saves alot of sculpting, casting and so on.

Now onto the set. I wanted to make a very simple set that I can use tie downs with (for the dinosaur). The base is chicken wire, covered with strips of hessian, attached with a load of plaster of paris. The hessian is so textured that this becomes rock solid. I will later cover it with strips of kitchen paper and plaster, to give it a more refined texture.
The picture is not good, but keep watching as there will be more to come.


Ben Stables said...

The dino mouth looks really good! Are you leaving holes for tie downs now or are you going to drill them in later?

JON said...

Dinosaurs and Stop Motion! I'm there! Everything looks really good here!

jriggity said...

Man...this is looking great!!