Monday, 1 June 2009

'scuse me, may i RESCULPT YOUR FACE please?

Yes, certainly...

I'm VERY happy with this, i can't stress enough how it looks EXACTLY like the image i had in my head, of how i wanted the film.


Finished palace:
And whats next?
Well... i dunno yet, we'll have to see...



jriggity said...

Great job man!


ratrp said...

thats great
do you have holes in the eyes to move them?
i can't tell

Fish said...

Thanks jriggity!
Ratrp - for this puppet i made both the eyes out of plasticine, so if I want to move them i can just resculpt.
Normally I would use painted glass beads with small holes in.


Season Mustful said...

He is very dashing, you immediately can get a feel of his character. well done.