Sunday, 7 June 2009

On your marks! Get SET!

I had to build a small set for the short scene involving the palace I showed in my last post. I used the good old diorama style again, like with the church set. Heres how I did it.

First, I layed out the basic shape with cardboard.
Then made it 3D with newspaper.
(no i will NOT switch to tesco. Grr)
Now I plaster on torn up pieces of kitchen paper.
You need to work very fast with plaster of paris, it dries quickly. Here it is, plastered:
Next, I paint the basic earth colours of brown and green, very watered down, onto the set.
Then I start adding the woodland scenics grass, bushes, and any other extras. Lots of this i just made myself from cutting things up into tiny pieces.

And that's where I am so far, still lots more to go! You'll notice in the last picture, the lake area is white - i'm using PVA glue in layers, and should end up looking like water.

Today I'm gunna make some evergreens, and bushes.


ratrp said...

grr don't switch to tescos
i love how it looks awful at the start to brilliant at the end. damn nice job

Fish said...

Haha, thanks! Still lots more to go on this. I tried making a couple of trees yesterday but they failed - i'll find another way =]

ratrp said...

i've only ever tried trees once and they are hard. i agree. i used hot glue over pipe cleaners for branches(the hot glue for texture) and then pinted it. do tell us how you are going to make them and how you tried to make them so we don't make those mistakes.