Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Progress on the armature

Balls on Rods.
A foot - if this doesn't turn out tight enough I may have to redo them, simpler.
Shoulders and Pelvis.
And here's it all laid out as it is so far. It may be a while before it's finished as I need to buy some more brass to make the 'sandwich plates'

I am also making some dipped latex hands for the armature as we speak (write/read)!



ratrp said...

wow really great
i had a lot of trouble with armatures 'cause the clay would split at one of the joints. how do you combat that. and wasn't the original morph done without an armature?

Fish said...

yeh, morph doesn't have an armature which allows him to...morph!

FleaCircusDirector said...

Yup, looks good to me. I look forward to seeing the armature in action.

jriggity said...

very cool stuff man!

keep us updated.


ratrp said...

who's it going to be for and how do you combat clay splitting. do you know if there is a way to make the plasticine better 'cause i know they do aard-mix at aardman. so does anyone know?

Fish said...

Aard-mix (as far as I know) consists of Newplast with extra wax added in. They get this made in big quantaties by the newplast company (in newton abbot, devon).

All I can suggest for clay splitting is using alluminium wire for armatures, moving it in small amounts at a time, aswell as just resculpting every frame.

ratrp said...

yes i also tried aluminum wire but it was to thin and cut through the plasticine

Fish said...

Get however many pieces of wire you need to make it thick enough at the same length, clamp one end to a surface, put the other in a drill, and twist!

ratrp said...

okay so that makes it still strong enough to animate