Monday, 9 February 2009

More progress with the horse!

I've added lots of layers now and overall it looks pretty cool, baring in mind it was my first proper go at the build up technique! The head is too big and the legs don't look right, but other then that it's alright!

I still need to add more mane (tissue paper and latex) and then I can get on with painting him. In the book illustrations he is brown, so I'll go ahead with that!



jriggity said...

very cool man!

its come along very nicely.


Fish said...

thanks :D

FleaCircusDirector said...

Yes, that's looking good.

If you want some frame by frame reference shots of horses you should look at Eadward Muybridge's work.
Here's some more of his work with a horse walking.

Fish said...

Thanks Flea circus! I had been studdying some of that kind of thing on how horses walk and run, and those links will help greatly! Thanks again!


Season Mustful said...

Really well done little fish! If you hadn't pointed out those tiny flaws I would have thought it was just part of the design. Something a wise old teacher taught me when doing things like this, never fix a mistake, disguise it.

Fish said...

Thanks season! 'little'? LITTLE? i'm 13 - thats 'young adult' to you ;)

I've put on a first coat of paint - I'll post it here tomorrow!

gubbubble, said...

If you've painted the horse, can you still move it? Is it special paint?