Saturday, 14 February 2009

Baron von Munchhausen

Okay, I told you I'd explain it, so here we go:

For christmas, my grandma got me (and all my cousins) a wonderful, thoughtfull present. It wasn't just a book, it was an old, forgotten story of Baron von Munchhausen. Now she knew these stories scince she was young, but they were all in german, so she had to personally translate them. To add to that, she made them into proper books, with ingraved hard covers, and even a personal message to each person inside! In the origanal books, there were black and white pictures, which, for us, my grandma photoshopped colour into them - wonderful!

Anyway, these stories now feel very close and dear to me, and I deffinately think I should create something in return. What better then to animate the stories! Each one is funny, wild and adventurous.

They are set in the 1700's, of an extrordanary man on his travels from Germany to Russia. I'm sure they'll be very fun to animate!

Here are a couple of exerpts from different parts of the story, with pictures:


Here I am not showing you any of the craaaaazy stuff he does, as I don't want to give much away before animation!

For the snow which is in most of it, I will use lots and lots of white newplast plasticine. This is so I can create footsteps in it, and also as there is a sequence that plasticine will be perfect for the snow!

There is also a small russian church near the begginning, which I have started making today out of wood. I will glue gun the bits together, and cover it in clay.


In other news, I have put lots of layers of paint on the horse:
The paint is just acrylic mixed with latex. If I had more money I would use PAX paint, although latex and acrylic works fine!
I still need to paint the hooves!



Season Mustful said...

You're so blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother. The horse is coming along well.

Fish said...

Thankyou - I know, she is lovely, which is why I'm doing all this :D


FleaCircusDirector said...

You are probably aware but I thought'd let you know.

Terry Gilliam created a film version of Munchhausen back in the 1980s. I'm sure your version will be just as good if not better.

According to their "trivia", The name of the Baron's horse is "Bucephalus". This was the name of Alexander the Great's horse