Sunday, 14 September 2008

Beginnings of a bar set

Hey guys, my entry to the stikfas competition will be set in a bar, so I got to work right away! Here are some behind the scenes pictures:
This is the is in that shape because when I started putting down the floor I was making the deck of a ship.
This is the main bar section - I cut 3 pieces out of wood then hot-glued it all together.
Hot glueing to the floor of the set.
This is the bit at the back (not quite sure what you call it) with lots of wine bottles on the shelves. I cut out pieces of cardboard, then hot-glued them to a piece of wood.
Here it is stuck on.
And here's another view...
A days work :D

Still need to:
Make 3 bar stools
Put up mini posters around the shelf bit
Make billions apon billions of mini wine bottles
And some more stuff...

Oh yeah, here are 3 new stikfas animations I did today:

Micheal Jackson dance

Simple exercises

A quick lip sync test - just to see if it's possible on stikfas

See you soon!

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