Thursday, 15 December 2011


The other night I was laying in bed wondering why more people don't cast latex clothes like they sometimes do with skin for puppets, because I'm completely sane. So i started sculpting someplasticine cowboy boots and trousers to try it out. I molded them in plaster, and made thin latex skins. Over the armature I put sculpted some Epoxy putty to keep the seperate parts of the feet hard and the same shape, and also for "bones". Well here is how it currently looks:

(The boots are seperate from the trousers which are in two parts, front and back). Here you can see how the feet work:

Annoyingly I also sculpted a really cool shirt, but the mold didn't set properly so I had to chuck it all out - I'll try again soon!

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jriggity said...

coolness !!