Sunday, 14 November 2010

Trying to get back into puppet animation

I spent quite a while looking at traditional animation, then a long period of being lazy and doing nothing animation-wise. Well now I've bought some more resources and am trying to get back into stop motion puppet animation. Some pictures of what I've been doing in the last week:

Armature - trying out thicker aluminium wire then previously. Seems to work a lot better, would recommend 2.5-3mm thick.

Gluing bandage underwrap foam onto the hand armatures with high-tack spray glue.

Cut the foam to shape and paint on tinted latex. I've only tried this method once or twice before, so these came out pretty nice.

Beginning to spray glue soft foam on to armature.


Trimming the foam down to shape with scissors.

Next, I covered the whole body with the thin bandage underwrap, to give it a smooth skin. This is pretty much where I am now with the puppet. It's looking pretty nice!


Keith said...

Puppet looks good! I am starting to build a new puppet, and like you, I plan to use larger wire. I am looking forward to see you finishing the puppet.

Vincent T├ętreault said...

This puppet looks great so far.
Very inspiring stuff !

Teodor said...

For what purpose do you use latex that is in the right corner of the picture?

Abet Cueva said...

for the hands, i think?