Thursday, 12 August 2010


Well we were in London, and one day we had a free couple of hours, so i suggested we go to the London Film Museum. Didn't know anything about it but thought it might be cool. So we went along, and when we got there, I saw they had an exhibition on Ray Harryhausen on currently. I was amazed! Such luck - but its also a shame it wasn't advertised better, because otherwise i could have planned to stay longer.
Anyway, I ran into the exhibition, arms flailing, dribbling, eyes sparkling with exitement. It was really fantastic, I'm so glad I managed to see it.
I took these photos before being told I was not aloud to use a camera in there.

Checked no one was looking, and just had to take this one.


In other news, just recieved Elemental Magic. A book by Joseph Gilland on the art of special effects animation. I flicked through and read the first few pages, and so far, its amasing. Really worth having - I recomend it to any one interested in traditional animation or CGI.



JON said...

WOW! Looks like almost the whole cast of Clash of the Titans. Lucky day for you!

MaruRosich said...

Wooah! :D
The whole exhibition must have been great!
I went to a brand new studio here in Argentina last month and I just loved it. I should put some of the photos I took on my blog... it's been dead for a long while lol