Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Finished the light box. AWESOME. I doubt I'll do anything but animate for the next few weeks! The disc spins 360 degrees. The only thing that i bought for this were the two rulers and the light switch - all really cheap. For roughly £5, really not very different from the proffesional £500 ones! The little pencil holders in the top right corner are just little clips meant for holding electrical wire in place - I found they work perfectly as pencil holders.

I might take some better pictures at a later date..

ALSO, I got some col-erase pencils off ebay and they arrived today (just in time for the party!). Col-erase are used extensively by animators, because they are very waxy, so do not smudge, and are very easy to erase.


PS, I have 18 followers but hardly ever get comments..what's that about!?


Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) here, your lucky day! ;P

I have 25 and well, same story.

Anyhow. Dude, that's a nice light table you are making there.

You made it yourself?

Keep up the great stuff. I am always checking as many blogs as I can, I just can't always comment on each. but definitely worth checking them and seeing who is doing what to keep me inspired and just to see i am not the only one, you know.

it's fun.

Dan Metalmadcat said...

m)oh yea, you are building it, some nice tutorial about your building light box would be quite handy for many, including me.

thanks for sharing.

Fish said...

Thanks man! Yeh, built it myself, spending just over five quid!
As for a tutorial, I did think about taking pictures during making it, but there weren't any particuarly good times to do so. There's really not alot to say about building it - just a few pieces of wood glued/screwed together.

Thanks for looking!

FleaCircusDirector said...

Hi Fish, I concur, that's a great light table. did you need to do anything special to diffuse the light?

Fish said...

Nope, just used them as they were. Thanks