Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Got back from Uganda and had an awesome time!

I just read this:

I've been looking through loads of creatures and decided I will just do what lots of others will probably do and make a cyclops puppet. Don't know if I will enter it or even animate it as I haven't done stop motion for a while, but it would be fun to attempt to make.

Head sculpt (unfinished) :
Armature:When i've finished sculpting the face, i will make a mold with plaster, and make a latex mask from that.
Should be cool.



Ben Stables said...

Hi Fish, Its been a while since I've been in Stop Motion Animation and I only just found your new blog. The idea of all those animators making a birthday card for Ray Harryhausen is wonderful. I once saw his exhibition at Bradford Media Museum in Yorkshire and actually met him too! I love the idea of your Baron Munchausen film (hatchet on the moon, am I right!) Wonderful!
-Ben (was Off the Shelf Productions)

Fish said...

Ben! Long time no chat! Not doing stop motion at all anymore? That's a shame. Thanks for visiting.


Ben Stables said...

I've had to have a break from animation because of exams, etc. I'm coming back to it now though.

jriggity said...

man this is cool!


Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) good luck building it, you can do it!!