Sunday, 14 June 2009

Making a cobbled path - vlog

The base is plasticine, which i poked lots of holes in with a stone from the garden. I built a plasticine wall around this, and filled it with plaster. I then put on a second layer (not shown in the video) before carefully pulling it out of the mould. It looked awsome, but unfortunately it soon broke in the middle. I'll fix this some how. I need to make LOTS more pieces like this, as i need to fill a whole space with cobbles, so next time I will put on a layer of hessian (if i can buy any from anywhere) to make it stronger.
Here is how it finished out:

So what do you think? Should I do more informative vlogs? Or go back to pictures?

A picture can say a thousand words
But a video can take a thousand pictures.

The nasty thing is, for some reason I can't edit videos from my camera, they upload in a weird format, all i can do is take them straight from the camera and put them on facebook or here.

What a strange and boring post eh?

Hehe, more interesting stuff to come!



ratrp said...

love the name -vlog
no i think videos are useful and easy to understand. just keep them short for those with limited internet. what kind of format do the films come in?
look like a good way to make cobbles. are you going to paint them grey?

Fish said...

Yeh, the cobbles will be painted grey when i've done lots more.

emmyymme said...

Very cool looking!

I've been getting a nice stone finish by putting some 60grit sandpaper face down over the surface and burnishing it a bit - but it looks great as it is!

Fish said...

Thanks! I'll bare that in mind! I was thinking maybe sprinkling some woodland scenics ballast onto it and painting, but i'm not sure.

FleaCircusDirector said...

The breaks should give it some character. You might be able to pick up some old hessian bags from your local green grocer

jriggity said...

the videos are cool man...!