Sunday, 29 March 2009

Fortress gate!

I had to make the front wall of a fortress, with a moving portcullis (this will be important in the story)
Its all just cardboard and paint!
And here it is finished: (I made it so the portcullis can slide through the two outter pieces of cardboard on the wall)
And next, I found this site with an animation competition to animate morph! I love morph! So I thought I'd better not miss out on this one, and have started animating. I have shot one scene with just morph but for the rest I need to buy some more plasticine for chas, which will have to be next week - so keep watching for that!


jriggity said...

Someday I have to make a castle. This looks like too much fun.


Season Mustful said...

Everything's coming along nicely! I can't believe you have time to enter in the Morph contest too. I Just saw your entry for the audio clip challenge on stopmotion magic, love the big harry fella and the guitar!

Fish said...

Thanks Season!

Daniel Poeira said...

Looking good!