Sunday, 8 February 2009

Munchhausen's horse

Hey guys,

For the Baron's horse, I decided to go for something that I hadn't done much of before, the Latex build-up technique. This is where you make the armature, and cover it with foam/sponge, and build up, as if creating muscles. Once you are finished building up with foam you cover the whole thing with liquid latex, in thin layers. This technique was used on all classic stop motion monsters and dinosaurs.

Here are some progress pics:


The horse just required a simple armature, with a tie-down in every foot.


Building up the foam. Up to this point I stuck everything on with hot glue and epoxy.


Now I needed to glue bits that would have to move. I used Latex for this.


The first layer of latex with epoxy hoofs and head now stuck on.

Next, I need to make the head. I started a forum post about this here.


What I think I will do is use something along the lines of making the inside of the head out of plastic and wire, to lighten it up abit, and then sculpt it out of something hard, but for the bottom jaw, just leave some wire sticking out. I will then sculpt the bottom jaw with latex and tissue, so that it will be the only moving part of the head - I think that would work!

I will have to give this a go some point today, I'll keep you imformed!


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