Sunday, 29 June 2008

First steps in set building

Hey guys. Just gunna be brief today. A while ago I had a new idea for an animation. Not going to give too much away, but basically it takes place on a sky ship. Here was my origanal concept plan from like a year back:

And do you no what this is? Well do you? THIS IS PROGRESS! Very slow progress addmitidly, but I can happily announce I have made three floorboards for the ship! YIPEEE!

See you soon!


FleaCircusDirector said...

Those are good looking planks, what are they made from? You might find it easier to build your set if you put together the outline roughtly in card then start adding in the details. Otherwise you may find that the proportions of things is all wrong. I had this issue a few years back when scratch building some houses for a model railway.

Fish said...

The planks are made from wood. Since I posted I have made alot more, and started nailing them onto the main piece of wood. Basically, I am doing what you said about making an outline for the set on card, but I have drawn the main shape on the main piece of wood. That will be cut today hopefully. There will be lots more to come, and hopefully this means my blog is back up and running, as I will show you the finished floorbards, nailing them down, creating the room bit on the deck, railings, steering wheel, doors, blaa, blaa, blaa....basically there is lots more to be done!


Kramer Klaymation said...

Looks like fun and a lot of work. It will be cool to see the final result.