Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Rig, skeleton armature and MORILYON MAN!!!

Hey everyone!

To start with, in a £1 shop close by to me, I bought two mirrors. But they weren't just any old mirrors, they had ball and socket joints!!! I had seen tutorials on the internet using mirrors like these (the mirror isn't the important bit) to make rigs!!!

I bought them for a pound each, so they were easy to pull apart!!! I took off the mirrors and the blue bit on the other end, then it was just a simple task of putting the end of one into the other!! Wallah, a rig!! All I need to do now is find something heavy to way one end down.
Next I will tell you about my quest to try and make an animatable (is that a word??) skeleton, like the ones used in Jason and the Arganouts. I didn't base it on the ones in that great film, but refrence pictures from the net!

Here are the ribs I made from alliminium wire, for the armature.Here is the main parts of the armature ready.I gluegunned all the parts together, and added on the ribs, and here is the finished armature:
Unfortanutly when I added the clay ontop, it looked terrible, so this is all your getting for now, but some time in the future I might go back to the project.

Next is the most awsomly awsome news in the world!!! My new puppet (and mascot for Morilyon productions) is a super hero called Morilyon man!! His armature was one of those shown two posts ago, and here I have some pictures of the proccess of making him.
Here is the armature and Epoxy putty feet with working tie-downs in the bottom.Next comes the spare clay I don't want, this saves the new nice clay.

Next is the purple clay, just a thin layer of this should do the trick! Now I add the boots, covering the feet too.Now add final touches, and your done!!!
The finished model!!


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Off the Shelf Productions said...

Have you seen the Skeleton Nick Hilligoss Made?, Morilyon Man looks Cool and like something Will Vinton used to make in his hey-day, Till they Sacked him of course. Its a Sad Tale