Monday, 10 March 2008

Quick lip sync test

A quick test I did to try out my new lip sync program, papagayo, which works well, the timing was good, but 1) the voice didn't match the character 2) the light kept shining in as I did it next to a window and 3) it was an old puppet so it didn't have any replacement mouths, so I had to do it on the spot, but I should have made the mouth shapes bigger and more noticable.

I will do more, soon and honestly I did this in like 5 minuets, didn't even bother to block the sun!!

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Off the Shelf Productions said...

The Bunny is Cute and just in time for easter!, In anser to your commment Will Vintons got in Financial Trouble and had to sell it on. The owner of Nike whos son is an animator bought it and as Vinton diddnt have control and tried to take control they sacked him and Vinton put a law suit against the Company for using his name