Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Brass and Alliminum armature

I recently made a brass and alliminum armature. It was made with brass tubing that I bought down the road and the usual alliminum wire.
They are better then simple wire armatures in many ways; for one, certain points come apart, so it is easier to (for example) animate the hands when they are in a tricky place, because you can just take them off, move them, then put them back.

Here is a plan, so you can make one yourself:
Here is a plan so you can make one yourself:

The gluegun I told you about, that helped me hugely in making it

The brass tubing and alliminum wire.

It was a lot of fun making it, and by all means, ask me any questions about it that you like. Sadly this one didn't make it to the top of the charts, because as it was my first go, I made a lot of wrong desisions. It will just stay on my desk on its own, to show off mainly!! I am preparing to make a *much better* one tonight or tomorrow, but like I keep saying I am very busy so I might not get another post to you for a while. Also in the long time I havn't spoken to you, I have made some new models, here are a couple of them:
In the book I am writing, I tell you how to make this one. The book is about armatures. Here's a pic from it:
This one I entered in to a compitition, but didn't win!

Au revoir


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